Brand Photography

What is a brand? It's you. It's the person and the passion behind the name. It's not just a logo, it's what you're trying to sell.

Our brand photography is here to help you show who that person is, what you do, and spruce up your socials at the same time! We want to help you tell your brand story through beautiful images.

Perfect for new small businesses OR seasoned business owners who need an overhaul because you know boring headshots aren't cutting it anymore in 2020. Even restaurants benefit from brand photography, especially right now when everything is online through delivery apps!

What Exactly is it?

If you're new to the brand photography world, you may be confused about what exactly it is. That's okay! It's a little bit different from what you may be used to. A lot of photographers out there offer standard headshots, smiling in front of a solid backdrop, but that's not us. Why? Because that's not what's going to help you. Customers, clients, followers...they're no longer looking for just a professional photo of you on an about page. They're looking for a reason to buy into your brand, not the hundreds of others that inundate them on a daily basis. They're looking for connection. They're looking for your why.

That's why we offer brand story sessions, instead of just headshots. All encompassing shoots with your space, your product, you! We want to help you tell your story through cohesive brand photos in order to help your followers become loyal fans. We don't want to take just another pretty photo behind a desk. We want to replace the phone photos and give you professional, engaging, content.  After covid-19 hit, we realized this is needed more now than ever with so much being virtual. So let's put your best stuff forward, rather than a stiff pose ;)

What to Expect

sure we're taking pictures of you, your space, your offerings. but we want to show your clients who you really are! it's time to get personal and we promise to bring the relaxed vibes so you feel natural in your photos.

because we know true to life colors and crisp photos are important for brand trust and clean websites!

every brand has their own story and we're going to find it. then, we're going to tell it through photography! no shoot is exactly like another.

Mini Headshot session

one hour session
two outfits
15 images


Brand Story Session

one time or do it quarterly!
2-3 stories in 2 hours**
45 images


VIP storytelling Session

full day (5 hours approx)
Lunch is on us!
Brainstorming session
2-3 stories in 2 hours**
mini headshot  session


*travel fees outside of Ct for brand stories and VIP sessions. travel not available for mini headshot sessions but you're free to come check out our beautiful state, we have plenty of places to shoot!
**more info on what a "story" is, below


Choosing a Session

while we don't believe in traditional headshots we are game for lifestyle headshots for those who can't quite invest in brand story sessions yet but need to get their business off the ground with professional photos.

this package is perfect for every small business, but especially service based brands or makers with a fun space! a two to three hour shoot showcasing your space, your offerings (food and drinks if you're a restaurant!), your product, also you! if you don't have a space, we'll choose the perfect location with you.

this is perfect for the business owner who is ready to truly invest in themselves and their brand. starting our full day session with a two hour storytelling consultation, we'll break down your why, your ideal target audience, and help you hone in on the stories you want to tell. we'll break for lunch and then get back to work with your personalized brand story session. at the end of our time together you'll not only have a ton of new photos to share across all your platforms, but you'll have clarity on what your story is and how to share it with the world.

A Note on Stories

Our brand story sessions and VIP storytelling sessions include "2-3 stories". Simply put, you're a business, and you have specific offerings. Each story will showcase you and one of your offerings. It results in a cohesive set of images that tells what you do, while showing you actually doing it creating an engaging feed!

EXAMPLE ONE: You own a yoga studio/wellness center.

Story one would be you as a yoga teacher. We'll capture you setting up your mat and props, then going through the poses. Making sure to capture small details and close up shots of the elements as well as the space without you in it. You can even invite clients or friends to come "fill" your class for the session.

In story two, we're focusing on you as a business owner at this studio. We'll show you writing blogs, while you sip tea, curled up on the couch. Then holding a wall calendar, writing in your special events, as well as focusing on just you for some personal headshots.

Perhaps for story three, you do massage or reflexology. We'll capture you setting up for it, then working on a client, being involved in the process, so your followers can see what this all entails, as well as how relaxing your environment is before they even come in.

EXAMPLE TWO: You're an online health and fitness coach

This means you don't work one on one in person with clients so instead your brand needs to show more of you, your personal life, the reason these people can trust someone they met online.

Story one could be your morning routine. You wake up, stretch or meditate, set your priorities for the day. We take photos of this process, because you always tell your clients that they need to get enough sleep and reduce their stress by easing into their days in a mindful way.

In story two, we're focusing on healthy eating. We take pictures of you chopping your veggies, maybe your kids help you put them in the blender. Then cooking a healthy meal with a counter full of fresh groceries. Because you always tell your clients the change is made in the kitchen first. And you share about raising a family with these healthy ideals.

For story three it's time to show that fitness element, Whether that's you creating client workout routines, doing workouts yourself, or product shots of your workout gear. Because your clients are coming to you to teach them fitness, so of course they're going to want to see that you actually practice what you preach.

if you need more hands on help figuring out what your brand story can be, our VIP full day session may be a great fit for you.

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