We see stories in everything. After shooting weddings and families for most of our career, we started to expand into brand photography. We realized stories of love and passion could be found if we spent time with the people, the minds, behind the brands.

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Kay has an English degree. It's not led her to an editing job she once desired, but instead into a world rich in visual stories. She works to find the words within you, to tell your brand story, to translate it into photos.

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Amy has a fine art degree. She's always loved design, color, light. Working with the story Kay helps you craft, she makes sure the photos are styled, on brand, and full of life. Let her artistic vision lead the way to a cohesive set of images.

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Whether you're a restaurant owner who wants to showcase your food in the best light possible, a blogger who knows that having a cohesive feed is everything, or a product maker who needs to help getting their vision into the world, we can help. 

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